Refund Policy

Rag Tag is the trusted rag suppliers in West Auckland, New Zealand. We have earned repute of supplying clean and sterilised rags for commercial and residential use, on time and at affordable rates.

We give you the assurance of supplying 100% cotton clothing, sorted and cut according to industrial specifications. They are packaged snugly, measured accurately and supplied at your site at your convenience. For ordering at Rag Tag you need to register with us and create an account. Shop online 24*7 and make payment. Rely on us to get it delivered for you. You can also schedule your order. Doing this you get your monthly or weekly supply of rags delivered without having to place repeated orders.

Rag Tag has easy return policies. Although we maintain a strictness in adhering to the material used for manufacturing of the rags we supply, you may find some discrepancies. In case you are not satisfied we refund the money you paid, considering we receive back a reasonable balance of goods. We try providing you with alternate products instead.

Unlike other rag suppliers, we return the shipping charges as well.


How to contact Rag Tag for returning an order?

Our return procedure is simple:

  • Contact office (via phone or email) and discuss the problem.
  • Depending on location we decide to either collect and replace or refund.

For shipments outside Auckland we do not take back the goods supplied.

You are assured to get back your money the same day we receive the goods. The refund is made via direct debit once bank account number is provided.

Rag Tag strives for 100% customer satisfaction. We give extra attention in sorting the recycled clothing we are supplied by the local and international suppliers. Cleaning and sterilisation of the clothing is given superior priority.

Our aim at Rag Tag is to reduce the impact of industrial growth on the environment. This has led us to think of this idea to use recycled clothing for use on the various developing industry. The use of rag is extensive and to keep up with the supply in West Auckland, New Zealand, Rag Tag is always at your service.

Open from

Monday to Friday, from 8.30 A.M. to 5.00 P.M.

contact Rag Tag for any assistance at: Phone: 09 296 0353