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At Ragtag Cleaning Rags, we provide superior new and recycled rags for all types of industries and businesses.

Our rags are cleaned and carefully sorted from quality new and recycled grades - ensuring consistency on every supply.

With our vast array of product (over 20 types of rag) and experience in the industry, we can recommend the most cost effective and suitable product for your individual needs.

We also offer a ‘Standing Order’ option, which means you will get your order at the arranged time of the month/week - freeing you up to concentrate on your business.

Trade Enquiries Welcome - Call on 092960353 or E-mail at NOW !!




Also avail Special Offers on Cleaning Products.. !!



All Rags come with a Moneyback Guarantee and are available in bag or bale options.

* Prices are subject to change without notice.
** All prices are exclusive of GST.

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Cheese Cloth 1.5kg

Price: $29.50 + GST

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Kemsol Hand Patrol Sanitiser

Price: $13.48 + GST

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General Blanket Roller Wash 20lt

Price: $98.00 + GST

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Denim Cleaning Rag 20kg

Price: $22.00 + GST

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Technova Positive Working Long Run Plate

Price: $294.50 + GST

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Coloured Terry Towelling 15kg

Price: $84.30 + GST

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TechNova LaserSharp Film A3+

Price: $202.00 + GST

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Cabinet Towel 20kg

Price: $124.00 + GST

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White Whole Towelling 10kg

Price: $78.00 + GST

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AB Dick Ink Roller Desensitizer

Price: $43.80 + GST

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